Diseases and Symptoms

Diseases and Symptoms

With our lives continuing to be pretty busy all engrossed in daily activities, we tend to forget to maintain our bodily machine that each one of us possess. And this is when we start to disturb our body thus welcoming all sorts of diseases. Today we will look into few common diseases and their symptoms in order to take immediate medical action. 1. ANEMIA: A disease associated with low level of Hemoglobin in our blood. What is Hemoglobin? It is made up of protein called globulin chains that is present in red blood cells and helps to carry oxygen from our lungs

Indian diet chart for weight loss

Indian diet chart for weight loss

Indian weight loss diet: You must believe what you are about to read. I have been running through several forms of exercise and diet programs and tried my best cutting down on calories and checked every week which plan really helped me lose pounds while I weighed myself. Trust me people there is nothing known as universal diet plan that will help you lose extra pounds if you are trying to shed and nothing which can be the master diet plan for every type of human body. Losing weight depends on many factors like your activity level, age, gender, current

Get stomach bloating remedies

Get stomach bloating remedies

It really used to get me screaming with bloated stomach that makes me look very fat at my belly area. Well! below practices should work wonders for you and get you all set for the party dress. 1. Avoid Constipation and get bloating remedies: Consume lots of fibre, fluids and stay active during the day ensuring that you include a regular exercise routine in your life. These can definitely help you get stomach bloating remedies. When I say lots of fibre, I mean 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men. You can get this from whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes,

Egg Protein

Egg protein

Egg protein the white part is a clear alkaline solution contained in an egg that constitutes 50 % of protein content. One boiled egg white contains 6-7 grams of protein and has 16-17 calories. Other contents in an egg protein are: Sodium (55 mg) Calcium (2.3 mg) Folate (1.3 mcg) Potassium (53.8 g) Selenium (6.6 mcg) Magnesium (3.6 mg) Phosphorus (4.9 mg) Our daily egg protein intake should be = 0.8 grams * our body weight (in kg) What is sedentary living? If you live a lifestyle that does not include

Health tips for the new year

Health tips for the new year

Each one of us have been promising and making resolutions to do something new and constructive, every new year.  But, lemme ask you all, “Did we ever consider to live an active life than the past year? Did we take up any resolution which is for ourselves, so as to live a healthy life, a life better than the last year when you have to visit your doctor rarely?” If yes, then I must say we are getting keen to stay fit and are learning how important it is to stay active and live a “happily ever after life” just like in movies

Management of stress

Management of stress

Did you ever know that stress can be fatal? So, why not learn tricks for management of stress to stay away from it FOREVER. Causes and Management of stress: Personal: Learn about management of stress as these days we live a life full of rush hours. If you are going through any of these situations in your life you might feel stressed: Self health issues Family health issues Relationship problems Major life changes like change in city of living, marriage and cultural changes job change etc Stress in family due to financial crunch Conflicts in beliefs and values between family members Difference

Home fitness

Home fitness

Home fitness is possible with HIIT programs. Many of us think going to a gym is the last solution for weight loss and which requires dedication to get those muscles worked out at least 5 days a week. I must say partly you all think right, when we are talking about activating our muscles and home fitness. However, we don’t really need to join a gym when we are planning to lose fat%. It is always great first to lose those extra fat% from the body and then hit the gym for muscle growth. Now, let’s see why do we

The best diet plan

The best diet plan

Who doesn’t want to enjoy food during celebrations?  Christmas, New year and many other occasions are coming up and you can imagine the pressure on our body as it will have to handle all those lovely dishes in order to digest well and still keep us happy with the best diet plan! I know, even I used to be scared thinking of all those planned trips, vacations and picnics and yes not to forget the increased number of functions even at your offices as the best diet plan would be missing somewhere. So, the questions here is how to still maintain

Best digestive aid

Best Digestive Aid

If you are one of many people who always wanted to get a remedy in the form of best digestive aid, then you must read this. Learn which food takes longest to digest and what is the best way to combine food to obtain better digestion. Always make sure that food is eaten in right order, considering the time taken for digestion. List of food in order of time taken for best digestive aid: 1. Juices(fruits and vegetables): 15-20 minutes Example: Fruit juice, Vegetable juice, Vegetable broth 2. Semi-liquid blends: 20-30 minutes Example: Blended salad, Blended veggies or fruits 3. Fruits(whole): 20-40 minutes Example:

Source of vitamin

Source of Vitamin

It’s time to learn about the best source of vitamin, as these days people tend to pick those multivitamins from the nearby pharmacy and still not include them in diet. Note: This article is an extension to one of the previous articles: Minerals for Health. Source of vitamin are required for normal growth of human body and human beings obtain vitamins from food as it cannot be synthesized by the body. Vitamins are either fat soluble or water soluble. Let’s see what are the great source of vitamin? Fat soluble vitamins include Vitamin A, D, E and K. These can be stored

Egg protein

Egg protein the white part is a clear alkaline solution contained in an egg that constitutes 50 % of protein content.

One boiled egg white contains 6-7 grams of protein and has 16-17 calories.

Other contents in an egg protein are:

  1. Sodium (55 mg)
  2. Calcium (2.3 mg)
  3. Folate (1.3 mcg)
  4. Potassium (53.8 g)
  5. Selenium (6.6 mcg)
  6. Magnesium (3.6 mg)
  7. Phosphorus (4.9 mg)

Our daily egg protein intake should be = 0.8 grams * our body weight (in kg) [this is for those who live a sedentary life.]

What is sedentary living?

If you live a lifestyle that does not include regular exercise and your most of the time is spent in front of the computer, watching TV, playing video or games, or even reading books you are leading a sedentary life.

This type of lifestyle can lead to many preventable causes of death.

What is active living?

The most important part of active living is introducing exercise every day, walking, jogging, swimming, playing outdoor sports, running, cycling and many more activities. In such a living people would be taking stairs instead of lifts, walking sidewalks to reach their bus top or train station or even joining gym, aerobic classes etc.

People following such a lifestyle are healthier and they also encourage other to live a healthy lifestyle.

You must know that active living can bring you a package of reducing the risk of chronic diseases, improve overall health, work as stress reliever, minimize doctor visits, maintain healthy weight, helps in proper balance in life, maintain healthy bones and builds strong muscles.

The best part is it also improves sleep patterns and to a great extent reduces the chances of heart disease, lowers blood cholesterol, diabetes and even hypertension.

Why is protein required for your body?

Protein is categorized as a macro nutrient that is required by us humans for several functions to run smoothly in our body such as:

  1. For the growth and maintenance
  2. They act as building blocks of cells of the body
  3. It is the major structural component of muscle in human body
  4. This is a great resource of energy
  5. It helps human body to repair tissues
  6. It participates in the creation of hormones like Insulin and Secretin
  7. They help in creation of antibodies that helps us resist several diseases
  8. Haemoglobin is another example of protein that transports oxygen in blood throughout our body
  9. Ferritin, also a protein in our body helps binds with iron for storage in liver


Extra Tips:

  1. Endurance workouts help increase heart rate and strengthen your lungs.

The same can be achieved by dancing, running, skating, cycling, brisk walking and even HIIT workouts.

  1. Flexibility activities help your body to increase its capability to move, keep muscles and joints loosen up.

Stretching moves and yoga helps attain this status for your body.

  1. Strength training helps build muscles and bones that are strong.

You can get strong by lifting weights, performing body weight workouts and even climbing stairs.

Get best digestion aid and home fitness remedies.


Stay fit and eat healthy.

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